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Nova Austral is a Chilean salmon farmer and processor, owned by the private equity companies Altor Fund III and Bain Capital. The company’s entire operations are located in Chile’s Region XII, in the Magallanes and Antarctic Region, over 2,500 kms from Santiago, the country’s capital city.

“With its strong team, great
assets and facilities, and excellent
location in Region XII, we believe
that Nova Austral has an untapped
opportunity to grow production”.

– Einar Wathne, Group CEO for EWOS

Pure Salmon from Antarctic Waters

Our goal has always been to produce the best salmon in the world. We have been given the unique opportunity to raise salmon in the best possible location, at the complete end of the world.

Where water is born of the vast ice plains of the Antarctic. Far from everything.

Our farms are located in a remote location, and we farm salmon on nature’s terms.

Our product is as natural as you can get. And that means everything to us.

Our salmon ends up on the menu of some of the world’s best restaurants, and therefore it has to be really pure and taste really good.

The Team

The Nova Austral management team and original operational team bring to the
table many years of expertise in the industry and within the company:

Management team

Yngve Myhre

Chairman of Nova Austral Board
Recent Board member of EWOS and former CEO of Salmar, Norway.

Nicos Nicolaides

With extensive experience of salmon farming and processing, former COO of AquaChile, Salmones Blumar and Pesquera El Golfo.

Juan Esteban Navarrete

Sales Director Americas & Asia
Over 16 years’ sales experience in the seafood industry in Chile, working for companies such as Integra  Chile, Blumar and El Golfo. Chile, Blumar and El Golfo.

Per Arne Skjerven

Sales Director Europe
Over 20 years’ sales experience in the seafood industry in Norway and Argentina, in Northern Seafoods, ASC South America, and Norway Seafoods.

Sergio Montenegro

Significant experience as CFO of important Chilean companies in the salmon, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and construction industries.

Operational team in Magallanes

Drago Covacich

Regional Director
Member of the team that founded the company and also played a leading role in setting it up in Tierra del Fuego. Member of the Fishing Zonal Council since 1997 and President of the Salmon and Trout Producers Association in 12th Region.

Arturo Schofield

Sea Water Production Manager

Julio Briones

Processing Plant Manager

Vilma Orellana

Quality Control Manager

Christian Mella

Certifications and Environment

Why Nova Austral?

  • We raise salmon in an isolated location, a long distance from other salmon farmers, with the best possible conditions for the fish to grow healthy and strong.
  • Our farms have the best environmental conditions for rearing healthy fish, with low densities and excellent sanitary conditions.
  • Our first farm has been certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and our aim is to supply over 50% of our harvest as ASC certified salmon by the end of 2016.
  • Nova Austral is removing the need to administer antibiotics and we continue to avoid the need for pesticides. At the same time, we have below-average mortality rates and no sea lice.
  • Our farms enjoy low and stable water temperature throughout the year.
  • Our infrastructure includes a modern processing plant that is flexible to clients’ needs.

Our Products

Unique products

Nova Austral salmon enjoy the best environmental and biological conditions.

  • Our farms have no sea lice, and have no need to use pesticide.

Use of pesticides


  • The company has a low use of antibiotics,with a program to remove them completely.

Use of antibiotics


  • No antifouling on our nets
  • Low density in farms
  • Our products have all the important certifications. We are implementing a rigorous program for ASC certification.


News and press releases

21.06.2017: Successful placement of senior secured bonds
17.03.2017: Nova Austral Unveils Sixty South
14.02.2016: Second Nova Austral farm certified ASC
01.02.2016 First ASC certified farm
Sixty South-Nova Austral Poster 2017
Sixty South-Trade Show Flyer 2017

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Looking to the Future

Projected growth

  • Nova Austral is one of few salmon companies in Chile projected to increase its production over coming years and to continue its history of sustainable development.
  • Our modern and flexible processing plant has a capacity of up to 40k tons, with different packaging options in response to clients’ needs.

Projected growth


Alberto Fuentes 299
Magallanes, Chile
Freire 130
oficina 201
Puerto Montt, Chile
Tel +56-61-2294100
Mail: info@novaustral.cl
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