About Nova Austral

A Pioneer in Sustainable Salmon Farming
Nova Austral is an industry-leading Chilean sustainable salmon farmer and processor, which has operated in Chile for more than 15 years. Owned by the equity funds Altor Fund III and Bain Capital, our entire operations are in the Magallanes and Antarctic regions, over 2,500 km from Santiago, the country’s capital city.

“Nova Austral has had the unique opportunity to raise salmon in the best
possible location, at the complete end of the world.”
Yngve Myhre

Nova Austral’s extreme southern location provides sustainable conditions for raising salmon at the highest standards.  Pristine Antarctic waters run through our farms, located in an icy region close to the Chilean Antarctic. Farming in the most isolated regions of the world means our salmon enjoy stable, low-temperature waters all year long.

Sixty South is Nova Austral’s brand of premium, sustainably farmed salmon.  The name ‘Sixty South’ pays homage to the farms’ waters of origin – sourced from pure, untouched, icy cold waters from the Antarctic – which allows for raising salmon without antibiotics or pesticides.  In fact, we are the first Chilean salmon farmer to offer antibiotic-free salmon all year.

In the last five years, Nova Austral has raised the collective image of the Chilean industry by leveraging an innovative approach to farming salmon in the pure, untouched, icy cold waters from the Antarctic – which allows for raising salmon without antibiotics, as preferred by many customers.

Mapa Nova Austral

Leadership Team

Nova Austral recently strengthened its leadership team with the addition of Francisco Miranda as Chief Operating Officer and Nicolas Larco as Chief Financial Officer.

Francisco has more than 20 years of industry experience and joined Nova Austral from the second largest salmon farmer globally. He brings broad international experience from Canada, Scotland, and Norway. Francisco leads all sales and operations of the Company.

Nicolas brings a wealth of financial experience, joining recently from Cencosud Chile where he served as Chief Financial Officer.  Nicolas will improve Company reporting and strategic financial planning, and brings strong public markets and investor relations experience to enhance communication with investors.  Nicolas will also lead the company’s support activities, including IT and HR.

Together, they are executing on Nova Austral’s vision. The combined expertise and experience of the Company’s management and operations teams, together with the privileged natural conditions the Company’s farms enjoy, make for a truly unique product.