About Nova Austral

Farming at the end of the world
Nova Austral is a Chilean salmon farmer and processor, owned by the equity funds Altor Fund III and Bain Capital. The company’s entire operations are located in Chile’s 12th Region, in the Magallanes and Antarctic Region, over 2,500 km from Santiago, the country’s capital city.

“Nova Austral has had the unique opportunity to raise salmon in the best
possible location, at the complete end of the world.”
Yngve Myhre

Pristine Antarctic waters run through our farms, located in an icy region close to the Chilean Antarctic. Far from everything; far from other salmon farmers and in one of Chile’s most isolated regions.
Our salmon enjoy low, stable water temperatures all year long, and benefit from low density farms to grow healthy and strong.

Mapa Nova Austral

Labor of Love

Working for Nova Austral is truly a labor of love. The remote and inhospitable location of our farms means that only the most passionate and dedicated people work for our company.

About Nova Austral
The Nova Austral management team and original operational team bring to the table many years of expertise in the industry and within the company:

Management Team

Yngve Myhre
Chairman of Nova Austral Board.
Recent Board member of EWOS and former CEO of Salmar, Norway.
Nicos Nicolaides
With extensive experience of salmon farming and processing, former COO of AquaChile, Salmones Blumar and Pesquera El Golfo.
Juan Esteban Navarrete
Sales Director Americas & Asia
Over 16 years’ sales experience in the seafood industry in Chile, working for companies such as Integra Chile, Blumar and El Golfo. Chile, Blumar and El Golfo.
Alex Malaguti
US Business Development
11 years of experience in the industry, as Executive Director of Sales and VP of Marketing for Newport International, an international importer and seafood producer.
Per Arne Skjerven
Sales Director Europe
Over 20 years’ sales experience in the seafood industry in Norway and Argentina, in Northern Seafoods, ASC South America, and Norway Seafoods.
Sergio Montenegro
Significant experience as CFO of important Chilean companies in the salmon, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and construction industries.

Operational team in Magallanes

Drago Covacich
Regional Director
Member of the team that founded the company and also played a leading role in setting it up in Tierra del Fuego. Member of the Fishing Zonal Council since 1997 and President of the Salmon and Trout Producers Association in 12th Region.
Arturo Schofield
Head of Sea Water Production
Degree in Fisheries Engineering. 16 years of experience in the company.
Rodrigo Pinto
Head of Processing Plant
Civil Industrial Engineer with MBA and specialization in food industry. Over 13 years’ experience in the industry, in companies that include Marine Harvest, Delifish and Ventisqueros.
Vilma Orellana
Head of Quality Control
Technical degree in International Maritime Commerce. 20 years’ experience in the industry.
Christian Mella
Head of Environment Management
Biologist with a degree in Environmental Analysis and Management. 11 years’ experience in the company.