Looking to the Future

Projected growth
Nova Austral is one of few salmon companies in Chile projected to increase its production over coming years and to continue its history of sustainable development, thanks to its programs of innovation and excellence.

The combined expertise and experience of the company’s management and operations teams, together with the privileged natural conditions the company’s farms enjoy, make for a truly unique product.

Our modern and flexible processing plant has a capacity of up to 40k tons, with different packaging options in response to clients’ needs.

In May 2017, the Commission for Environmental Assessment for the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic region unanimously approved Nova Austral’s initiative to build the “Tierra del Fuego” recirculation hatchery just 45 kms from Porvenir.

Nicos Nicolaides, CEO of Nova Austral, assured that, “the project includes the best technology currently available in the world. Furthermore, we took a great deal of care in appropriately assessing and monitoring all emissions and the environmental impact the project might have.” He added that one of the most important characteristics of the project so far has been the care to consult transparently with local communities.

The hatchery is expected to produce 12 million smolts weighing 120 grams or 10 million weighing 150 grams, although the weights will vary depending on the lot and season.

Commitment to the local community

The company’s sustainability is not only environmental and economic. There is a true commitment to the community.

Chile’s Magallanes and Antarctic Region is located over 2,500 kms from the country’s capital Santiago, and the Region’s inhabitants endure rugged landscapes, extreme climatic conditions, isolation, and long journeys to more northern regions.

Part of our commitment involves including many local residents in the workforce, developing technical training programs and developing an ambitious house-building program.