Our Commitment to Values and Ethical Conduct

Nova Austral places the utmost importance on its values and ethical conduct.

Nova Austral has more than 1,000 employees, working in a dedicated and tireless way to offer the best quality of products to meet customer expectations fully. Collectively, the Company is committed to maintaining a responsible and ethical approach in its operations and business.

Nova Austral complies with strict guidelines to honor its customer promise of antibiotic-free salmon, raised in sustainable conditions, which ensures that the Company adheres to its core values in every respect.

Currently, Nova Austral is improving its compliance program throughout its operation, adopting updated policies and procedures, improving worker training, and, finally, appointing a Reporting Control Board.

These combined efforts reinforce Nova Austral’s commitment to meet and exceed the highest ethical standards and compliance for its customers, communities, investors, and stakeholders.



Our Commitment to Local Communities


For Nova Austral, sustainability is not only environmental and economic. For this reason, the Company continually strives to be a responsible and contributing member of our local community.

The Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Region is located more than 2,500 km from the country’s capital, Santiago. Its inhabitants live in landscapes of rugged geography, extreme weather conditions, and isolation, and must take long trips to reach the northern regions of the country.

Since 2014, Nova Austral has invested more than 70 million dollars in Chile. Importantly, part of our commitment includes resident employment, the development of technical training programs, and residential housing plans.

Code of Ethics

We recognize people who feel the challenges of the organization as their own and encourage in other collaborators the sense of belonging to the Company, getting involved to achieve the best of themselves and generating high levels of creativity that bring results that are higher than expected.

Likewise, we value a persistent and proactive attitude from our collaborators, which challenges their abilities and willingness to take on all the tasks entrusted to them.

Crime Prevention Manual

The Crime Prevention System includes a series of documents, protocols, procedures, rules and measures that must be adopted in all those activities or processes that, being carried out in Nova Austral, are exposed to the risk of committing one or more of the Crimes.