Nova Austral informs that it is working tirelessly to contain the effects of the global crisis of Covid-19, intending to maintain the company’s operation and protect the health of its employees in this uncertain and unprecedented time.

Concerning the current status of the company, Nova Austral reports that its processing plant and hatchery in Porvenir, as well as the farming sites in the sea, are operating normally.

Despite logistics problems occurring in Chile and the world as a result of sanitary measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Nova Austral continues shipping to its main markets in Europe, Russia and the United States.

Although there has been a drop in demand in the “food services” segment, the company has seen growth in the activity in the “retail” segment.

Regarding the joint venture, the operation is progressing according to the plan and is expecting to start stocking the first site this week, with the smolts provided by Nova Austral.

The company has adopted strict protocols to protect the health of its employees and maintain its production. Among these announced measures, Nova Austral ordered the immediate protection of workers from risk groups, reduction of shifts, and applying less density of people in working spaces, disinfection processes, and contagion control, among others.

Additionally, the company is planning to reduce operational time by 1.5 hours in each shift (morning and afternoon) in the processing plant to diminish the health risk for employees, which will impact the processing capacity of some products and services to third party during the short term.

Management and unions are working closely and collaboratively to adapt protocols according to the evolution of this unprecedented crisis, to protect the health of the employees and to maintain Nova Austral’s operation. Together we are in an essential part of the food supply chain. The company is working hard to keep people safe and, at the same time, provide food to its dear customers and to continue its role in feeding the world with healthy seafood.

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