Nova Austral awards scholarships to Porvenir students to pursue higher education

The company awarded 13 scholarships to university students, five to young people who will be in their first year of study, and eight to students who have received financial support from previous calls. October 13, 2020.- For the third consecutive year, Nova Austral awarded five scholarships for higher education to young people from Porvenir, graduates […]

Nova Austral Operational Updates

Nova Austral informs that it is working tirelessly to contain the effects of the global crisis of Covid-19, intending to maintain the company’s operation and protect the health of its employees in this uncertain and unprecedented time. Concerning the current status of the company, Nova Austral reports that its processing plant and hatchery in Porvenir, […]

Nova Austral and Trusal S.A., a subsidiary of Salmones Austral, announce joint venture to produce high-quality salmon in Magallanes

The joint venture will operate three licenses on Skyring Sound. The partners initially consider two production cycles, with the intention to extend beyond this period. The joint venture contemplates a combined production of approximately 19,000 tons through 2022. Nova Austral will provide smolts from its hatchery in Porvenir and will operate, process and sell high-quality […]

Nova Austral announces leadership changes and reaffirms its commitment to antibiotic-free salmon

Nova Austral’s independent internal investigation found certain irregularities in the information it provided to Sernapesca during the last production cycle. The company has rectified those errors, is collaborating with the authorities, and is working towards a prompt and appropriate resolution to this matter. Nova Austral will also ensure total compliance with all applicable regulations.  Nova […]

Sixty South’s new state-of-the-art hatchery to be completed this summer

Antarctic salmon supplier Sixty South is investing in the construction of a new hatchery, to be located 45 kilometers north of Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego, Chile, the company announced on 14 March.  The state-of-the-art facility will allow Sixty South to produce 12 million smolts of 120 grams per year, amounting to three million every quarter, […]